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Call for Papers

The second edition of Cloudification of the Internet of Things 2016 (CIoT’16) is a conference focusing on the challenges of the Internets of Things while considering the whole architecture based on Cloud solutions. In fact, the latter hosts end-users with their profiles and privileges, applications, flows generated by the IoT and M2M, algorithms processing the huge data of IoT, management system, security solutions, virtualization solutions, Network Function Virtualization, forwarding data based on SDN, etc. The main objective of CIoT’16 is to address all the problematic of IoT systems from the sensors and machines to the end-users attached to the Cloud. The conference covers all research and novel papers tackling the challenges of Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud environment such as:

  • Architecture and protocols for IoT ;
  • Cloud solutions for IoT;
  • Software Defined Network (SDN) for IoT ;
  • Network Function Virtualization (NFV) for IoT;
  • Green communication for IoT ;
  • Centralized and distributed systems for IoT;
  • Routing solution for IoT;
  • MAC layer for IoT ;
  • M2M communication;
  • Security;
  • End-users applications based on IoT and Cloud solutions;
  • Management system ;
  • Testbed and experimental platforms;
  • 5G.

Information and registration

    Before October 23,2016 After october 23,2016
Authors registration   400€(+VTA 20%) 490€(+VTA 20%)
IEEE members   480€(+VTA 20%) 570€(+VTA 20%)
Non-IEEE members   550€(+VTA 20%) 640€(+VTA 20%)
Students   300€(+VTA 20%) 390€(+VTA 20%)

    • Early registration available until October 23, 2016. Students with an accepted paper should register under "Full Author Registration".
    • The conference dinner is not included in the fees. If you want to participate please click on the box "I will attend the conference dinner" and 50€ will be added to the registration price. The invoice will be global for the total cost.